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Sunday Shopping Mall Witnessing

Sunday afternoon:

In multiple intersections around California, and a few in greater Sacramento, volunteers stood holding signs urging motorists to Vote No on Proposition 8.  This is the November initiative which would eliminate marriage rights for same-gender couples in California by amending the State Constitution.  One million yard signs against marriage equality were to be distributed at Mormon, Catholic and other conservative churches Sunday, so we made a pre-emptive witness.  I was there in my clerical shirt (black short sleeves with a white tab in front), holding a big blue sign.  Folks of all ages were there, including a handful of UU, Christian and Jewish clergy or lay leaders.  A very cheerful crowd, cheered on by the support we experienced.  Lots of horns honked to show support, with waving and thumbs up and smiles.  I counted only two raised middle fingers and two thumbs down and one shouted epithet in 90 minutes… and hoped that by the time they drove past me and saw Pastor Smiley holding a sign too, they would feel great shame at making a mean and naughty gesture to us.  Another demonstrator told me that earlier a man had walked over from the parking lot and asked for a sign for his yard.  They saw him walk to his car and then turn around and come back with it.  He said:  “I just realized what side this is for.  I don’t support it.  I’m for the other side.”  He handed back the sign.  Someone said, “That’s okay–we love you anyway.”  He said “I love you too.”  Pastor Cranky hopes that he would have the presence of mind to be as gracious as both sides were at that moment.

The most striking thing was how crowded the mall parking lot was, and the mall itself when we entered for some fast food.  It was hard to find parking and lots of cars were circling.  There were jams at the intersection entrance as cars turning left kept going even as they lost their green arrow; oncoming drivers were not happy.  Clearly, these shoppers haven’t heard about the financial catastrophe now going on, or they don’t worry about it,  or it doesn’t affect them.  Perhaps it’s an East Coast thing.  I plan to wait till the economic depression is in full swing so I can get some good deals.


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