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Crying Room Renewed: Does My Sermon Make You Cry, Little One?

[BACKGROUND:  Recently our senior staff discussed the fact that a few members gather in the church library and visit during the services instead of attending in the sanctuary or listening to the sermon on the loud speaker in the library.  (They sometimes turn the sound down.)  However, to be hospitable our ushers or staff let parents visiting with babies know that the library is a place where they can hear the sermon if the baby is relentlessly fussy and loud.  The following newsletter article’s aim is to reclaim the purpose of the library as a crying room so we can continue to extend hospitality to families with infants. –PASTOR C.]

Does My Sermon Make You Cry, Little One?

Oh, you’re hungry, as babies often are!  Or is gas making you fussy?

Surely it’s not existential angst—not yet!

Perhaps the adult who came to church with you would like to hear the service but has a worry that your cries will impede other adults from hearing every precious word that the pastor has penned.
You’re in luck!  The Library serves as the Baby Comfort Room during worship services.  Thanks to the Library’s audio speaker, ushers can invite a concerned parent to follow the service while attending to the temporarily noisy behind a closed door. Adults who would prefer to visit with no service audio are welcome to use a minister’s study—just let Roger, Doug or David McMorris know in advance! (After a service the Library becomes the Beacon Book Store and an open gathering place.)

Thanks to all for your consideration of one another.


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