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Spiritual Parenting: A New Ministry Circle (covenant group style)
September 23, 2008, 4:55 pm
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Spiritual Parenting:  A Ministry Circle

“You can’t get to Roundtop on your lunch hour,” as the Rev. Doug Kraft said in his Aug. 24 sermon “Spiritual Experience:  Deep Connection.”  Spiritual health and growth takes time, intention and support.  UUSS member and parent Karen Bare invites members and friends who are actively parenting to give and receive support to one another in a new Ministry Circle.  We will focus on our role as parents and spiritual guides for our children. Topics will be guided, but we’ll learn from each other’s ideas, successes and (perhaps most importantly) our failures.

In this circle we will ask ourselves:
What is my definition of spiritual parenting?
What do I really mean when I say I want my child(ren) to be happy?
What kind of example am I setting?
What is spiritual practice, and how do I fit it into our busy lives?
How can I listen more deeply, speak more wisely?
How is my physical & spiritual health interconnected?
How can I become more aware of my own spiritual experiences,
and how do I help my family find theirs?
How can we help bring healing to the world together?

The first session will run for 8 consecutive weeks from 6:45pm-8:45pm in Citrus Heights.  It will begin as soon as there are at least 6 people committed to being there.  If enough people want to continue meeting, the future of the group will be more like a spiritual parenting support group wherein we’ll encourage each other in the application of concepts introduced in the first session.  The second session would probably meet less often–no more than twice a month. If childcare is a concern, or if you have any questions regarding, please feel free to contact Karen Bare or the UU Society of Sacramento.   Flyers are available at the RE Table and pamphlet rack in the Main Hall.  (Note:  After church Sept. 21 there were a lot of signups for this, so it may be full by now, but I thought it was worth it to promote the concept and plans for it. Let us know if you have ideas or interest for similar family-support activities.)


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