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“You Will Be Assimilated.”–Not! Come to Our Newcomers’ Membership Orientation

[BTW:  Did you know that Gene Roddenberry was a religous humanist and Unitarian Universalist?  Well, that has nothing to do with the membership orientation except that we affirm that every person has worth and is to be celebrated in his or her uniqueness.  Here is the invitation. –Pastor Smiley]

Considering Membership?  Newcomers’ Class

Are you a recent guest or a regular participant in the services and programs at UUSS?  Are you a young adult who grew up in this church but has not yet signed the membership register to make your membership official?

Do you have questions or an interest in checking us out as a spiritual home and source of community in your life?

The April Newcomers’ Membership Orientation Course is a chance to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, this congregation, and the meaning of membership here.  It’s a chance for you to meet other newcomers and for both ministers and a few lay leaders to get to know you.  We seek to learn about you, and hear your questions, and interests in church life.
The 6-hour course takes place every few months on two or three weeknights, from 6:30-9 PM, or on a Saturday morning.  Upcoming Orientations will be listed in the monthly Unigram newsletter, in the Blue Sheet announcements in the weekly Order of Service at church, and in the binder where we keep the signup sheet at the Welcome Table in the back of the sanctuary.  Child care is available; please reserve it at least a week in advance of the start date.
If you decide to become an official member of UUSS after the class, we invite you to sign the membership book.  Recent new members will be recognized by the congregation in a brief Ingathering Ritual during a service.  Someone from the Membership Committee will offer to take your picture (with your children if you are a parent) and invite you to tell us a few things about yourself for the new member bulletin board.


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