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The secrets of strong families around the world
December 7, 2008, 10:18 pm
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The secrets of strong families around the world

newsletter column by the  Family Minister

In 1995 Meadville Lombard Theological School—my seminary—held a conference on the above topic.

A professor of family studies from the University of Nebraska told us that he and a colleague had reviewed 53 extensive studies which 60 researchers had conducted on families, covering more than 15,000 people in all the States and in 27 countries.  They

consisted of long interviews with people who felt their families were strong and healthy.

The interviewers simply asked the participants to tell what their family lives were like.   Their conclusions:  Family strengths include (drum roll)…showing appreciation and affection, commitment, positive communication, time spent together, a sense of spiritual well- being, and the ability to cope with stress and crisis.

Each of the above could be an essay, sermon or course title, to be sure!

The remarkable thing to me was that the basic qualities of strong families are similar from one culture to another around the world. The researchers concluded that the ingredients of strong, emotionally healthy families do not differ much by the type of family or by culture.  Best wishes to us all in building strong relationships of all kinds.

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