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Pastoral Prayer on Solstice Sunday 12/21/08

Solstice Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008
UU Society of Sacramento, CA

Let us take a deep breath together, in and out.
Now please join me in the spirit of reflection as I offer this prayer for the season.

Eternal Source of Love and Grace, we give you thanks for the gift of life and the gift of this new day. As people of all ages, we have gathered here this morning to receive and to give the gift of community. We are blessed to be together.
The month of December links together holidays from varied spiritual and cultural traditions. As we acknowledge the diversity of heritage and expression, let us affirm humanity’s longing for understanding, respect and peace. As we mark the sun’s change and these days of diminished light, let us open our minds and hearts to insights and wisdom from many sources.
Let the Winter Solstice remind us of our dependence on the sun, this planet Earth and the generosity of the oceans, rivers, lands, plants and creatures of the world. Let us know that we are embraced by nature, and part of it. Let us care for the earth.
Holidays for many of us are a time to remember those who have died, including those we’ve lost in the past year. Whatever causes of grief or sadness any of us may have, let us hold ourselves, and one another, with tenderness.
The coming days and weeks are a time of reunion. For all those who are traveling, we send our wishes for safe journeys. For those receiving guests, we wish for ease and authenticity. May our connections with others be blessed with kindness and gratitude. When circumstances make it hard to feel grateful, let us respond with patience and kindness, for ourselves no less than for others.
Let our prayers extend beyond these walls to all those those in places near and far who are sick, starving, or homeless and those in zones of war and occupation, both the people serving there and those who call such places their home. May love reach around the globe to comfort and sustain them.
The Christmas observance includes the telling of an ancient story–the birth of a baby and the rebirth of hope. May our own deeds and words help us to reclaim hope and restore the vision of goodwill in the human family and peace on Earth.

So may it be, blessed be, and amen. Now let us take a few moments of silence together. Our silence will be ended by music.


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