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What’s the difference between our two services?

Last fall UUSS changed worship starting times and scheduled child and youth Religious Education at 9:30 AM. This has evened out attendance between the services. Have you wondered what you miss at the service you don’t attend?

We see many more children at the 9:30 service, as they attend for 15 minutes before departing for Religious Education. Many but not all Sundays, Doug or I will tell a story for all ages or have a brief conversation with them before we sing them and their volunteer teachers on their way. Sometimes the children remain through Joys and Sorrows; this helps them stay familiar with our communal worship practices. Note: on a very busy day, we may omit the Joys and Sorrows to manage the length of the service.

Shortly after the service, parents go to the RE building or playground to meet their children. The social time after the early service is a chance for departing folks to connect with those arriving for the second service. Some RE teachers stay to hear the sermon at 11:15. The 11:15 AM service usually features our UUSS Choir, whereas we often have a volunteer or guest soloist or ensemble for the special music at 9:30.

By the end of the 11:15 service, the Napoli Culinary Academy sets up serving tables for the weekly $7 lunch. Doug and I foot the bill for first-time guests and any children. We often have guests, so this is a good chance to welcome and get to know a few newcomers. The 9:30 service has a bit less bustle, chatter and clatter before and after, so those who seek a reflective atmosphere might like it better. On the other hand, the Congregational Conversation and Public Forum happen after the later service.  The sermon is the same at both services, by the way. Starting May 17 this all will be moot! That’s when we shift to one service at 10:00 AM until after Labor Day.

This summer’s Religious Education program will feature three units of three Sundays each, for all children and youth together. Do you know someone with an artistic or earth-based talent to introduce to our children and youth? Are you such a person? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Every unit will have one or more guest presenters and assistants, and we seek volunteers for both roles. We can help you with logistics and plan for engaging encounters. Consider signing up to present your talent and lead the group in trying it out, or signing up to assist a leader for one or more summer Sundays.


 PS about RE—On Saturday, May 16, UUSS will hold a training on the concepts and practice of Spirit Play for a group of volunteers and staff. See my March Unigram article or drop me a note if you wish to hear about this great RE model for spiritual exploration, community building, creativity and learning. Let Janet or me know if you are curious about being a part of this venture for the coming church year.


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