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Candidates Speak to the Pacific Central District-Part 1
May 17, 2009, 2:51 pm
Filed under: UUA Presidential Campaigns

Our excellent and beloved PCD trustee to the UUA Board and I saw the same candidate presentations at District Assembly but came away with different conclusions.  

Trustee Linda Laskowski recalled that in “their first 100 days in office” Peter Morales said he would pursue his vision with urgency and Laurel Hallman said she would start with the staff.  Linda said Laurel’s intention is appropriate but it’s not what the crowds want to hear in a campaign.  Sure, and I would add that it may not be what we want to hear in a president’s address at General Assembly.  

Well, we’ve been fired up and urged on by excellent presidential orators for decades, but those convention-hall altar calls have not correlated with any growth in the UUA ‘s membership numbers.  

Remembering that the growth of our movement relies on the growth of local congregations, my urgent concern is for wisdom and leadership to help congregations achieve health, strength, depth, relevance and effectiveness in  our local communities.

With most organizations, your best assets are your people, the relationships among them, and the health of the system. I am heartened that as a leader Laurel wants to attend to the health and strength of her first and best resource.  

The UUA President heads a team of people who work for an organization with a religious purpose:  to serve congregations and extend the reach of our faith.  

There is deep dedication and talent among UUA staff at all levels.  We put incredible expectations on them; many of them work too much.  Soon, due to lost revenues, we’ll have fewer of them to do all that work.  Maybe it will fortify those who remain if they pause to ask:  Just what are we doing here?  Given how hard this work is, what’s in in for me?  

Whether in time of financial crisis or not, in individual church leaders might pause to ask ourselves and one another the same questions.


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