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To Be Killed by a Mockingbird

Yesterday Doug told me there was a mockingbird in trees in the parking lot that had dive bombed him twice. I had not seen it.  He guessed it had a nest somewhere around here and was trying to protect it.  This morning as I walked back home from the Y a very large crow was on a power line squawking, to me apparently.  I stopped under it and talked to it.  Then it came flying in a big circle down toward me, squawking and then making a cirlce back up to a big tree.

So of course I thought of “The Birds,” even though that was filmed over a hundred miles west of here, on the coast.  Today after lunch I was in the parking lot and something whooshed by me.  I turned around and saw the mockingbird on the line.  Then I went on my way and it followed after me.  When I realized how close it had come to my head I screamed a very embarrassing scream.  Now I am hiding in my office.

PS–make that three times. I just went over to the office.  I told Linda about being attacked. She said it had come after her yesterday.  I left the office and decided to walk out in the open area of the parking lot to watch it.  But before I had taken 5 steps it had flown by the back of my head.  I could hear its wings moving.  I screamed an even more embarrassing scream, which they could hear indoors.  Now I am hiding again.


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Roger, this morning one of the two mockingbirds displayed a very adorable ruse at being injured. As I approached the office door, as one of the birds brushed my shoulder (with its wing and not at a high rate of flight speed), the other appeared to be injured. It appeared at my left, on the ground and then seemed to fly but wasn’t able to get up more than two feet off the ground before fluttering down. This behavior continued, in an effort to get me to follow and away from the nest at the other end of the building. – Linda

Comment by Linda Hoganson

There was just an article in the news on how mockingbirds hold serious grudges against those who they feel have wronged them:

In all likelihood, you inadvertently got too close to their nest. Better find an alternate route to the office! 🙂

Comment by Karen H

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