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Midweek Ministerial Message from the Family Minister

Dear Guests, Friends and Members of UUSS,

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Happy New Fiscal Year, that is. Our new UUSS budget year began July 1. Thanks to all our members and friends who keep UUSS going strong, year after year!

I’m happy to be back and look forward to seeing you soon. Let me know if you’d like an appointment, or just give me a call. I also feel sadness at the passing of our member Frank O. after a long illness, and I extend my condolences to Polly and family.

I’ve been in and out of state: in Boston with David Libby, Tina Chiginsky and five Coming of Age youth for the Heritage Tour; in the Bay Area to preach on H. D. Thoreau at the UU Church of Berkeley and to visit; in Seattle for a few days of vacation. Along with Rev. Doug, I attended Ministry Days and the UUA General Assembly, held this year in Salt Lake City. My weblog [this one!] includes a few posts from GA and my daily journal of the Heritage Tour in Boston.

There was too much at GA for me to cover everything, but I’ll mention that congregations re-elected UUA Board Moderator Gini Courter and gave a grateful and loving farewell to the Rev. Bill Sinkford as he ended his 8 years of service as UUA President. Congregations elected his successor, the Rev. Peter Morales. Read, watch and listen to more coverage at .
I took along with me our UUSS Green Sanctuary photo album (about our conservation and environmental education and stewardship projects) to display at the UUA Congregational Stewardship booth in the exhibit hall, and UUSS was honored as a newly designated Green Sanctuary church; our new certificate is on its way to us in the mail. We were also honored for being a Fair Share contributor of financial support to the UUA for the past fiscal year.

First the headlines, then the articles below:

This All-Ages Sunday Morning at UUSS

UUSS Member invites us to Special Art Show Opening this Friday and Saturday.

Family Friendly Restaurant Dinner Next Wednesday, July 15

Attention, Carpenters!

Entryway Improvement Project Now Underway

Community Partner: July Offerings will Support Local Organization

Poetry Feature

Conclusion and My Contact Info

Now the articles:

This Sunday Morning at UUSS

I will be leading a Service for All Ages this Sunday, at 10:00 AM
The topic (and your role in the service) this week is Tee-Shirt Theology. Please wear a shirt that states or depicts an aspect of your personal theology, philosophy, ethics, faith, ultimate concern, religious questions, or organizational commitments. I will preach briefly and we will invite all ages to show their messages in a quick procession by the microphone. Here are some examples of such short-sleeve spirituality I have seen in previous services: the list of UUA Principles, the Golden Rule, “Do No Harm” and the question “What If The Hokey-Pokey Really Is What It’s All About?” I remember a former parishioner’s shirt that was only a nature picture and another’s that said: “If the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem will seem like a nail.” There’s the well-known citation of “John 3:16” which is a theologically non-unitarian Bible verse, and my blue Buddhist shirt, “Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat.”

Something Else New This Sunday:
The Religious Education Welcome Table will move to the main patio, near the wall between the two sets of doors. While we will have brochures and welcoming volunteers at the table, there will be no need to register children this week, as this is an all-ages service. For infants and toddlers, as always, there will be nursery care in Classroom 11 but the service is designed to include children and youth as well as adults. The Child/Youth Religious Education Committee holds its monthly meeting after the service at 11:30, with new chair Jeannine Newcum. If you’d like to know how you can help us get ready for our September liftoff, contact RE Assistant Janet Lopes or me.

UUSS Member announces Art Show this weekend.
Patty Taylor invites us to attend an exhibit of the Woodlake Artist Group titled “Back on the Boulevard.” Aka Taylor Guttermute, Patty is a member of the Woodlake Artist group which recently displayed their works at UUSS sponsored by the UUSS Artist Exhibits. Patty also demonstrated the use of nature-friendly art materials to our 4th/5th grade children in an RE class last Spring. Location: 1616 Del Paso Blvd. – Sacramento, 95815 (Home of the Supper Club, Actors Theatre, and Fran’s Cafe). Patty will be showing some of her 2D and 3D work along with five other artists from the group at the Special Opening – Friday July 10th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm and the Second Saturday Opening – Saturday July 11th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. Here is a link to Patty’s website –

Family Friendly Restaurant Dinner Next Wednesday, July 15

I hear there were over 40 folks at last month’s dinner. Sorry I was out of town! This month we will be back at UUSS’s nearby neighborhood Fresh Choice, at 535 Howe Ave., just south of Sierra Blvd. Show up when you can, grab a tray and help yourself to wholesome salads, soups, breads, pizza, fruit and desserts of the wholesome and high-calorie kinds. Fresh Choice donates 15% of our purchases back to UUSS, but the real purpose of this event is to help folks get to know one another better and promote connections across the generations. (Note that the restaurant’s contribution does not apply to your total bill if you apply any discounts or coupons to your purchase, but don’t let that keep you from coming.) Find a flyer at or at the Welcome Table at church this Sunday. I may have a few extras in my pocket if you forget yours. I’ll be there from 5:30 to 7:30. This will be a nice time to connect before I go back home again to Indiana for a week’s visit.

Attention, Carpenters!

There are many ways that you can help us launch the Child and Youth Religious Education program, especially in launching the new Spirit Play method for elementary-age children. We need to build or buy a nice four-easel contraption so four children can paint or draw simultaneously. We also will need some story boards or sets (small props for classic stories) as well as storage cabinets to keep them from week to week. Contact if you have questions.

Entryway Improvement Project Now Underway!

Last Sunday after church many folks attended the ground-breaking ceremony and blessing of the church’s Entryway Project, between the parking lot and our sanctuary entrance near the patio. This design will improve the lines of sight, visual appeal and spirit of welcome. Many thanks to the growing number of donors to this speedy capital campaign. We are well on our way to the goal of $20,000 for this project. Many thanks to the facilitators, designers, diggers, planters and others!

If you’d like to add your gift to this capital campaign, contact lay leader Colene S or our Book Keeper Michele , or see our Pay Pal donation button at the bottom of our UUSS web site. If you drop off a check, make sure it says “Entryway Project” in the memo line.

Bob O. invites you to bring a shovel or a strong back this Saturday to help out: “We plan to begin removing the dirt from the triangular bed July 11, if you would like to help, join us at 9AM. Let us know if you are coming because we will be providing lunch and refreshments. Coffee and donuts at 8:30 lunch about 1PM.” Let him know if you are coming!

If you’d like to see pictures of the July 5 ground-breaking ceremony and blessing, go to our website, Additional photos may be found at this link:
or copy either link and paste it in your web browser.

Community Partner: July Offerings will Support Local Organization

All non-pledge contributions placed in the offering baskets every Sunday this month will be shared equally with The Birthing Project in Sacramento. Find out more at

Poetry Feature

a poem by Scott Cairns, American, born 1954
(Word Note: a coracle is a small, round boat made of wickerwork
covered with a watertight material, propelled with a paddle).

Prospect of the Interior

A little daunting, these periodic
incursions into what is, after all,
merely suspected territory.

One can determine nothing from the low
and, I’m afraid, compromised perspective
of the ship, save that the greenery is thick,

and that the shoreline is, in the insufficient
light of morning and evening, frequently
obscured by an unsettling layer of mist.

If there are inhabitants, they’ve chosen
not to show themselves. Either they fear us,
or they prefer ambush to open threat.

We’d not approach the interior at all
except for recurrent, nagging doubts
about the seaworthiness of our craft.

So, as a matter of course, necessity
mothers us into taking stock of our
provisions, setting out in trembling parties

of one, trusting the current, the leaky
coracle, the allocated oar.


Conclusion and My Contact Info

For other important UUSS events, see the Blue Sheet announcement insert, July Unigram newsletter, or the white board near the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the Main Hall.

Wishing you all a good week
and hoping to see you soon,


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