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“But it’s a Dry Heat”– Distraction in Sacramento

I was dropped at the church’s Fresh Choice dinner last night, in a complex barter arrangement in which I would lend a family my car for a few days in exchange for airport transportation, which means one of them has to pick me up at 4:30 AM.  We had fewer than 10 come to dinner–no doubt 105 degrees is too hot to go out.  The weather’s effect on us reminds me of 10-below weather in Minnesota last year… I think it was May.  

Many intruders (a big family and a women’s group whose unifying theme I was unable to figure out) crowded around us in our usual dining room.  It’s usually is freezing but last night was barely cool, unlike the rest of the place, which was warm.  Sometimes our table neighbors leave their used plates on one of the tables I was trying to reserve.  It dawned on me that I had forgotten to schedule this month’s family-friendly outing/fundraiser with  the restaurant!  Then I would have known that this was not a good night.  (I will book the one for Aug. 19, I promise).

After all but one of my Fresh Choice flock departed, I went out with Don for a ride back to church.  Habitually I felt for my keys, to get into the office as well as my apartment.  I didn’t have them on me.  They were attached to my car key, and all were on a journey half an hour away, about to enjoy a girls’ soccer game with the whole family.

 The church was open for the Singing in the Summer activity.  In the cool of the library I left messages on two cell phones and one machine, then sat and considered my options.  Fortuitously Barbara offered to drive me home to see if my apartment manager was home.  Her number wasn’t in my new cell phone yet; I don’t know her last name; the apartment building is not listed in the online white pages.  Barbara offered to take me 30 miles east if necessary.  But my manager was home, willing to give me a key for as long as I needed it (till my pre-dawn driver arrives tomorrow).  

This morning Capital Public Radio said today and tomorrow are Spare the Air Days, and public transit is free.  What luck!  I needed to take the train and bus to work. (When I lived in the SF Bay Area I enjoyed taking a day trip to the City for free if I had the time on a Spare the Air Day.)

After coffee I had to sprint like mad to get on the 8:58 train.  When I changed to the bus the bus driver told me that Sacramento Regional Transit “is too cheap” to give free rides for Spare the Air.  I paid and rode, thinking of sending an annoyed-listener email to tell the newscaster that they had misspoken.  As with most citizen letters I compose in my head, I didn’t actually send one.


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