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Early Riser’s Ride
August 6, 2009, 9:15 am
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By 5:40 AM Thursday I decided that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep for any of the 22 minutes that remained before Capital Public Radio newscasters would talk me awake.

Instead of the usual trip to the YMCA, I resolved to bike to work for the sake of the planet, my health, and my highly virtuous persona.  I shaved, showered and ate some unsweetened shredded wheat with chocolate soy milk (to use it up, since it’s long past its expiration date). Instead of my 45-minute meditation,  I headed right out in the cool air at 6:45 AM.

On this, my weekly visit to the N Street Cafe (which is on N street), I had 14 oz. of dark roast organic coffee and 2 oz. of dark roast Fair Trade decaf, so I could feel virtuous yet again.

They have the Sacramento Bee on the center table, so I can read it for free and enjoy the feel of good ol’ newsprint in my hands.   I wrote in my head my daily letter-to-the editor tirade at the current governmental foolishness or political dishonesty or at the stupid meanness of one of the other letter-writers. In the past 10 years I’ve probably written 1,000 trenchant letters in my head and four in real life. Two have been published.

The sun was now beaming through the cafe windows.  I hopped on my bike and headed west toward work, a few miles away through tree-lined streets, some busy business roads, and the Sacramento State University campus as well as along the American River.

I felt that somehow something was missing. I felt lighter because I had not brought my backpack–was that it? I stopped to pull a rubber band out of my pocket and hike my right pant leg up my calf, out of reach of the greasy chain. Then: “Oh. My helmet.” It was on the table at home. Home was just a few blocks away, but I wanted no more delays.  And it felt good to be without the bulk and tightness of a polystyrene and plastic helmet,  and to feel the strong wind keeping my scalp cool and giving me more of a pompadour than a helmet-hairdo.  It was foolhardy also, and I enjoyed that, even as I imagined scenarios of crashing and dying.  It’s sad how small of a personal transgression it takes for me to experience the delight of rebelliousness.


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Hmm…talk to the sr. Minister about biking without a helmet!

Comment by Karen

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