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Top Ten List: Benefits of Joining a UU Congregation — or at least this one



People have asked me about the reasons one would join

a congregation—the benefits as well as the expectations

of members. 

Here’s my list, in ascending order of importance.

Number 10: The wider world of the UUA (support and

advice to look for ministers, build RE, and raise money;; District Assembly and General Assembly; “World” magazine;

Skinner House UU books; Heritage Tour to Boston).

Number 9: Beacon Press, one of the last remaining

independent publishers, and a courageous one at that!

Number 8: Washington and Sacramento UU offices to

keep us abreast of key issues and to help us make our

voices heard by the government (of the people, by the

people, for the people.)

Number 7: Leadership development opportunities

through volunteer involvement here and at workshops in

the Pacific Central District, with our clergy’s support.

Number 6: Voting at congregational meetings. Influence

in building the future of UUSS!  Next meeting:  Oct. 18, 2009.

Number 5: Adult Religious Education classes for learning

and spiritual growth. Ministry Circles for building closer

connections with other members, special-interest


Number 4: The rare and precious opportunity for intergenerational

friendship—with people from one week old to 100 years old, and

fun events for all ages.

Number 3: The support of trained Lay Ministry listeners and other caring


Number 2: Pastoral and staff support—listening and

pastoral care; information to help you connect with

groups, resources or programs; weddings/memorials;

coaching of volunteers.  And I include  in my morning prayers

this congregation and those with concerns I know about .

Number 1: Regular worship services! Rain or shine, your

worshiping community is here for you every Sunday of the

year—not to mention special-event services and rituals.

Well, I ran out of numbers!

But I would add: “The inspiration of being part of a vital,

values-based spiritual community, which encourages us to

deepen and express our own beliefs and to put our beliefs

into action to make the world a better place.”

What would you put on the list that I left out?



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