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UUSS Reaches Out in Solidarity: Stepping Up to Support our UU Religious Movement

By the Family Minister
October 2009
This congregation voluntarily participates in the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations because we know that our congregations are better together.  We are also one of 40 congregations in the UUA’s Pacific Central District.

We give and receive support to other congregations by yearly contributions to sustain these district and national networks of support.  The rate of contributions is based on congregation size.  Normally, UUSS would give about $30,000 per year to support this work.  Unfortunately, in the current year our UUSS budget includes a nearly-total cut in its support of the district and the UUA.

Our support does not have to remain that low, however.  The Board of Trustees has authorized a special appeal for donations by members, friends and guests of UUSS to sustain the work of our larger movement.  I am happy that UUSS members Ron Selge and Linda Clear have agreed to lead this fundraising project.
A few examples of how UUA and District involvement helps us at UUSS:
Last winter our church hosted the Pacific Central District’s marketing & outreach workshop, and many of us attended.  (It was one of several organized by the district every year.)

The PCD spring assembly features inspiring keynote addresses, creative worship, and workshops to help lay leaders learn ideas and skills from one another.
The national UUA helps congregations find ministers and make good matches with them. (So far, so good…right?)
The UUA provides training and leadership materials for lay officials, religious educators and ministers.  It publishes our gray and green hymnals, books on spiritual practice, social justice and UU identity and excellent religious education materials for children, teens and adults in congregations.

Last spring our Youth Coming of Age leaders made use of an excellent new handbook from the UUA; in June eight of us made a UU heritage tour of Boston, Lexington and Concord.  This year several more UUSS teens will benefit from the UUA’s age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education programs, known as Our Whole Lives (OWL).
Our denomination’s elected leaders have given voice to our values of reason, freedom and compassion on social issues of fairness and justice, including marriage equality, reproductive rights, religious diversity, peace making and health-care access.
I am proud to be a Unitarian Universalist and proud to be part of this UU congregation.
In response to the invitation to help restore our UUSS support of our denomination and local district, I will make a personal donation of $250.  To the extent that you are able, I hope you will consider making a generous donation in this campaign to sustain and build our liberal religious movement.
Every gift makes a difference!


PS—Checks may be mailed or brought to church and made out to UUSS with this memo line note: “UUA/PCD.” To receive a weekly update from our UU district executive about local and national UU news and opportunities, send a note to

Another PS–as of November 1, advance gifts to this appeal totaled $1,250.  Thank you!


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