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Stewardship Campaign Testimonial!

All the Ways We Grow

Introduction:  Our Stewardship Campaign co-chairs for 2010-11 are Ginger and JoAnn.  On their shoulders rest the visions, goals, programs, dreams, and staff members’ daily meals for the next fiscal year at UUSS.  Seems like a heavy burden, no?   Yet they stand tall and proud—because they know they will have lots of help from many others—both in operating the campaign  and in giving generously!  Here is Ginger’s reflection about the ways she has grown through involvement in UU congregational life and the ways she has grown in commitment.  — Roger

Testimonial by Ginger Enrico, Jan. 3, 2010

I was raised un-churched, and I was always happy with that.  As an adult I attended various church services, but nothing clicked for me.  One religious element or another would always make it a “not me” experience.

Then one day when I was in my early thirties, I visited the UU church where I lived in Dallas – The service began with a reading of principles – about justice, equity, the inherent worth & dignity of each person, and the free pursuit of truth & meaning.

To see values dear to me printed in the order of service, to hear them recited in unison by the congregation jolted me.  I had no idea there was a church like this!  Those principles and the congregation’s covenant resonated with me.

I had not been searching; I had not been at sea. But this experience was so meaningful to me that it brought tears to my eyes.  That must be when I started becoming a Unitarian Universalist.

So what does it mean to be UU – to be a part of the  UU denomination? To be part of  this Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento?

For me, it means we have support and guidance from this institution and from each other – as fellow travelers – as we grow, as we serve, as we find our many ways, whatever they may be.

One of the most important things  it means to me is that we have a village to help raise our children.

In this stewardship drive we are reflecting on how we grow and develop here.

As I think about how I have grown, I think about the fact that when I was growing up, I didn’t learn much about how to work with other people to get things done, I didn’t learn much about working in community.

So when I started in church I needed an education!

It began in my first church home and it continues here. I’m grateful for the patient teaching I’ve gotten from fellow congregants, from ministers, and from staff.

I find working, being in community to be fun, to be hard, to be humbling, and to be rewarding.

And, over the years, as I have worked in Religious Education, and served on intern committees, and on planning committees I have sought to develop my spirit.

Here, I find support in the Spiritually Grounded Leadership course.  In that group we work to develop our spiritual selves and to be grounded in our leadership roles.  I think of it as developing and combining internal spirituality and external practicality.

I am most grateful though, for the development of my children as they grew up UU. That Dallas church and this UUSS church each provide a village to help raise children.

Now our grandchildren – Roy’s and mine – are going to Sunday school and to OWL [Our Whole Lives] in Texas.  I hope the members and friends there continue to be generous so our grandchildren can grow and flourish in a strong, vibrant church.

And I want the children and grandchildren here to grow and flourish in this church.

We UUSS members and friends have given generously here.   These are challenging times.  I think probably most of us are making less or have less than we did a couple of years ago.  Roy and I are no exception.  Yet this church needs more in order to hold its course and to be strong and vibrant.  So, Roy and I considered our pledge and decided we can raise it by 10% this year.

As you consider your pledge, please think about all the ways we develop, grow, and serve together here at UUSS.

Please think of the village that UUSS is now and the village it can be in the future – for the children and youth, for us gray-hairs and for everyone in between .

Thank you.

[Click to read more about this pledge campaign!]


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