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Inspiring Pledge Drive Testimonial

Sunday we heard heartfelt reflections about what this congregation has meant to Lisa and Tom  in their few short but meaningful years of involvement here.   The text of Lisa’s testimonial is reprinted below, at my request.

My husband Tom and I have been members of this church for almost three years.  We were both raised Catholic and married in the Catholic Church, but to say we weren’t devout would be putting it mildly.

I am proud to be part of a religious community that encourages freedom of thought and affirms the worth and dignity of everyone.

When I first read our mission statement, values statement, and covenant, I felt good knowing that I could say these words aloud every week and really mean them. When my uncle married his partner just a few days before Proposition 8 passed, it was comforting to know that my congregation supports their right to marry. Coming to our Sunday morning services lifts my spirits, especially when I’ve had a tough week. Besides getting involved in groups that share my particular interests and talents, I’ve also been exposed to new experiences, like attending a peace vigil and writing my own prayers as part of an adult enrichment class.

There are many reasons why I’m glad to be here, but the most important reason is this: The best way for me to grow into the person I want to be is to surround myself with people who have the qualities I admire.  I’m proud to be among you.  For Tom and me, supporting this church financially is a privilege and a joy. We hope you feel the same, and that you will pledge generously. Thank you.  [Given Jan. 24, 2010]

News: The co-chairs of the 2010-2011 Stewardship Campaign have organized Cottage Conversations to be hosted in various locations.  UUSS Members and Friends have offered to provide their homes.  These small gatherings are ways to introduce people to one another and promote conversation concerning around goals for the next budget year as well as our thoughts and feelings about the congregation.  A minister and board member will be at each event.  (I’m attending at least four of these meetings, and will bring a Ziplock bag with me and raiding the snack table.)   Invitations were mailed out Monday to each pledging Member and Friend.  If you received an invitation, you may click on their names above to RSVP and ask them any questions.    One can be sent to you if you are ready to be part of our Stewardship Campaign to support UUSS in the coming budget year.   If don’t receive an invitation this week, please contact the office at 483-9283, or

Click the link to learn more about All the Ways We Grow.


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