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Stewardship Testimonial, 1/31/2010

John and Janet said wonderful things about UUSS Sunday, including kind words about yours truly from Janet.  I’ll post that as soon as I can, unless she has recanted by now.  Here are John’s notes:

I have been a UUSS Member since 1996.  Our motivation for joining was to get a liberal religious education for my children to make them less vulnerable to what I call “Religious Predators.”

2009 was not a good year financially for the McLopes:

I am a State Engineer, and the furloughs reduced our income.

In February we found out the consequences when you don’t update your tax deductions as children get older

During [last year’s] Pledge Drive Janet and I considered the impact of the furloughs — and decided to maintain our pledge level.

This church, the people, the ministers (who are people, too) are important to us. Deepening our lives is dependent on this church. So we economized in other areas, including our giving to other charities.

Things did not improve financially as the year progressed. Our 10-year-old car needed engine work. In September Alice got her license and we got the insurance bill. But even with all of this we maintained our pledge commitment.

2010 is also is not starting out well financially:  we had to replace the furnace last week.

Regardless, when Janet and I sit down to discuss our pledge we will not consider lowering it.

I have a hope of UUSS becoming a recognized spiritual center for Sacramento. I want people of all faiths to feel comfortable to come and be energized by the programs and even just by walking the grounds.

This would truly make UUSS a place for deepening lives and being a force for healing.

Our contributions are the foundation in truly carrying out our mission.

Thank you


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