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Web Exclusive: UUSS President’s Letter

[letter from Margaret, president of the Board of Trustees]

Dear Members and Friends:

Since wandering into the UU Society of Sacramento five years ago, during our search for a spiritual community that spoke to our heads as well as our hearts, I have continued to be amazed at that random good fortune.

Whether I am at a Sunday service, in an official UUSS meeting, enjoying a social event, or engaged in one of our many, many programs, I am delighted by our commitment to shared values, by our energy and engagement in trying to live those values within the congregation and the regional community, and by our generosity with whatever we can offer.  Those are part of “All the Ways We Grow” – which is the theme of our 2010-11 stewardship campaign.

When I reflect on our achievements this past year, which were only possible with the growth in our pledges, I think of many, many accomplishments.  But I especially think of our ministers.  They, along with all of you, are the core for me of UUSS.  I cherish their wisdom and inspiration and I greatly value their support during personal crises.

This year we were able once again to honor our multi-year commitment to gradually bring our Lead Minister’s compensation up to the UUA recommended level for a congregation our size and in our geographic area.  We have accomplished these step-wise increases for two years now with three years remaining before reaching the recommended level.  We also continued our contract with the Associate Minister who is the lead on family ministry including religious education and whose position has become integral to UUSS for many of us.

Our budget process for the past several years has proceeded on the assumption that we must have a balanced budget.  Our revenue, primarily pledges, determines whether we are able to move forward with the hopes and dreams we all have for UUSS.  I hope that we will support our Lead Minister, Associate Minister and staff at the appropriate level.

I dream that we will be able to fully fund our many wonderful programs and that our budget will fully support moving forward with our five-year plan goals:  to strengthen our connection with and support of new and existing members; to deepen our ministry to children and families; and to develop, approve and begin to implement an environmentally friendly master plan for UUSS property.

I hope that you, like us, will make the strongest financial commitment that you can for the coming year to support the continued vitality of our congregation.

With appreciation,


President, UUSS Board of Trustees


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