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Cool Family Expresses Thanks and Support: Part 2 by Janet

Janet’s Stewardship Testimonial  1/31/10 (scroll down for John’s)

Hello.   I’ve been a member here since 1997.

I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted to say for this testimonial. I tried to think of things that reflected the theme of the Canvass. Clever things about growth, and roots & shoots. But when I really got down to the basics – what I think I’d like to express most is my Gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you all for providing funding for this place that I’ve been coming to for the last 12 or so years.

Thank you for paying Doug’s salary, so he can stay here and lead me to deeper thoughts about myself and my place in this world.

Thank you for providing a Religious Education program for my children. Because of you, they’ve been able grow up as part of a deeply principled, inclusive, and welcoming community. They will be better citizens of the world because of what you have provided for them.

Thank you for the opportunity to work here as your Religious Education Assistant. Because of you, I’ve had the chance to really focus on our R.E. programs and see some paths we can take to strengthen them. I’ll be taking my place with other volunteers here in helping to lead R.E. to new depth and relevance.

Thank you so much for pledging generously and allowing us to hire Roger as our Family Minister. His positive energy, willingness to jump in where needed, not to mention his wicked sense of humor, are an every day blessing for our R.E. program. Thnak you for bringing and keeping Roger here.

The times we live in right now are uncertain financially, but I truly believe that it’s times like these in which we rethink what is deeply important to us. To me, this place is important.

So, Thank You – all of you – for your past support of this good place and all the good people that keep it running. Keep up the good work!


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