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Weblog Exclusive: My Boss’s Pledge Drive Letter

This is Doug’s letter to the congregation for the Stewardship Campaign.

Dear Members and Friends,

I first joined you ten years ago. Since then I’ve seen our congregation grow in so many ways.

  • I see this when I visit Spirit Play, Story Time, our Youth Groups and speak with the many parents and non-parents involved in our religious education. We are developing programs that touch the busy lives of our children and youth.
  • I see it in the blossoming of Family Promise, Green Sanctuary, vigils and other social actions over the years.
  • I feel it when I go out and sit in our thriving, lush Community Garden.
  • I’m moved by it when I meet with the Ministry Circle Facilitators, Spiritually Grounded Leadership group and see all the other Adult Enrichment activities throughout each week.
  • I feel it in the Sunday services – the added dimensions Roger brings, the deepening quality of your participation in services and your thoughtful responses to our pulpit efforts.
  • I’m inspired by it when I sit in on a meeting with our UU Master Plan Facilitators (UUMPF). Rather than solely pursuing their personal visions, they bring care and sophistication as they solicit, sort and bring to life the ideas and aspirations of the whole congregation.

And this is just a sampling of the ways we’ve grown.

I too have grown through my relationship with you. Listening to you and being listened to by you I’ve learned so much about enriching ways to live practically and spiritually in this world of ours.

So I hope you will participate in our stewardship program this year. Come to a cottage meeting and share with others (and me) the things that are most important to you about how we grow.

And please join me in being as generous as you are able when you pledge financially to the congregation this year.

Thank you for all your time, presence, money and heart. I feel blessed to be sharing ministry with such a wonderful congregation.




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