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Feisty Finances: Sharing the Plate results: so far, so fabulous

This Sunday’s offering receipts will be shared with Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, which provides food, shelter, support services, and an elementary school for homeless adults and children in this area.  At our Sunday Public Forum, Feb. 14 at 1:00 PM, the Loaves and Fishes director of advocacy will speak to us about helping the homeless in our area.  Lunch snacks will be available for $3 after the end of our 11:15 AM service.


Every Sunday the congregation gives away half its offering receipts (i.e., other than gifts designated as payments toward a pledge) to a local organization doing important work to people in need or to a larger Unitarian Universalist one, like the UU Legislative Ministry in California. (We call them our Community Partners, and we have a different one every month.)

Last spring the finance committee and Board of Trustees raised the projected revenue from this source to be higher this fiscal year than last year.  Now, as we have come more than half way through the fiscal year, receipts are right on target with projections!  Pledge payments are also pretty close to projections and expenses are within budget.

The only cloud to this silver lining is that rental revenues have dropped a lot–fewer use of our facilities by outside organizations or individual renters, and some of the 3-bedroom duplex apartments we own have gone waiting for tenants.  (Not surprising:  Some of the units in the small apartment building where I live have been empty awhile.)

Grateful for the generosity that sustains this congregation and our community partners,



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