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Part 2: A Relative Outsider’s Perspective on Family Ministry Here
Part 2 of 2
Family Minister newsletter column for March
As I was saying…
The RE program cannot rely on me alone (even if I were competent)! It must rely on the cooperative leadership of the RE Committee and especially its chair, Jeannine, and many other lay leaders…like you.
You have more experience and knowledge than I do and have shown great patience and forbearance to me–and also have been willing to try some new things.  Our outgoing part-time RE Assistant, Janet, has worked beyond her job description and rate of pay to support our volunteers and me in this time of growth and change. She is stepping down from her staff role to resume life as a church volunteer.  We can look forward to her contributions in a leadership role now rather than a paid position that was designed as an administrative one.
Of course, the RE program relies fundamentally on the regular participation and attendance of children and their parents and the talented, creative and generous volunteer leaders in the classrooms, youth lounge, nursery, community garden, playground, worship services, social events, and so on.
In the coming months and in the next church year, we will need to see broader involvement by members and friends in UUSS Religious Education programs for children and youth.
What will this mean?
It will mean more contributions of time and attention by those with children in the program as well as by our stellar elders and middle-aged folks who come here unattached to children.
It will mean  improved regular attendance by our children and youth at the classes and other programs that staff and volunteers plan and provide for us.
It will be worth it!
Major change takes intention, vision and effort.
I do see that a new level of ministry to families, children and youth is within reach at UUSS.
Will you reach with me?

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