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Take a Bite out of Deficit Budgets

Have you meant to make a financial commitment for support of the programs, ministry, staff, outreach and facilities of the congregation for the next budget year?  Have you just not gotten around to filling out  a green pledge card yet?
Now is the time when your pledge can make a big difference!
Maybe you received a pledge card–and the dog ate it.  No worries.  Call the UUSS Office and a fresh pledge card will be in the mail to you right away (916-483-9283 ext 204).  You could also visit the office weedays from 10am to 4pm or after services on Sunday.  Or download the form at

Why is this important?  The Board presents a spending plan for the next year based on revenues the church can expect for the year.  Everyone’s pledge makes this plan stronger and more accurate.

Most people think about their financial pledge on a monthly basis and send in checks every month.  A few others do it quarterly.  Some choose to make an annual pledge, especially those who give stock or other accumulated assets.  Ask the office for helpful pledging information.

Get informed about our financial outlook!  Treasurer Lisa gives a financial update, explains the proposed budget for 2010-11, and hears your feedback and questions after the 9:30 service on May 16.  UUSS members vote to amend or approve the budget proposal after the single 10:00 service on May 23.  The budget takes effect on July 1, the start of the next fiscal year.
Thanks to all those who have pledged to UUSS.  We are blessed by the support we give and receive in the congregation, and by the trust we put in our friends and members.
Many thanks to the co-chairs of this year’s Stewardship Campaign, JoAnn  and Ginger, and the canine co-captains, Anna and Joey.


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