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Praying for the Cal Budget negotiations

PS–this event was covered in this New York Times article, though I was not quoted.  That’s okay!  I am visible in a picture on page 3 of Sacramento’s Capitol Weekly.

Wednesday, June 16, 9 AM–An intern at a spiritual life church recruited a number of local clergy people to speak this morning on the South Steps of the California Capitol, “Praying for the Budget.” Three spiritual-life/spiritual awareness speakers, one Rabbi, one Irish Catholic priest from the Cathedral, and one Episcopal priest (dean of the local cathedral), with a few Lutherans and a Swedenborgian hanging out. The explicit goal was for it to not have a specific agenda other than asking for divine presence and divine aid in working through the legislative negotiations. We have a structural deficit of tens of billions and a 2/3 vote requirement to pass a budget (or a tax increase), so it’s very hard to find compromise in Sacramento.

Here is what I said, coming at the end:
We are all in this together. We’re in the same boat. This is what the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior meant when he said “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.” We are “tied in a single garment of destiny.”
We Californians are blessed and fortunate people. This is a blessed state in our union, with great traditions of education and leadership, a heritage of economic opportunity, many talented human beings, and abundant natural resources and financial resources. As such fortunate people, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, and not settle for a low common denominator. We should hold ourselves to the values of human kinship, the heritage of shared human sacrifice, and the promise of human cooperation.
Let us not turn our heads from the reality of the struggle we face. Instead, let us pray for the courage to face the struggle, to work through it together, to transform it into a new vision and a new reality of health, wholeness, learning and celebration for all of California’s people.


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Any chance of getting a copy of Apostle Paul sermon June 13th online? Inquiring minds are asking for a paper copy because they do not compute.
Question about the sermon on the 13th: The Resurrection of Jesus was necessary to sustain the story of Jesus? and when was the Resurrection firts introduced? Can we know that?
– Linda

Comment by Linda

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