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Friday in Minneapolis: Your Delegates at General Assembly

This morning I sat next to Seya in the plenary session.  Unfortunately, I missed the UUA Board’s presentation of the annual Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism, to lifelong UU and esteemed minister Jane Rzepka (jep-ka).

The delegates considered final amendments to the Statement of Conscience entitled “Creating Peace.”  This statement  is the result of three years of study and action by congregations and input from them to the UUA’s Commission on Social Witness.  Today we heard from peace activists, ministers, the Youth Caucus (teens at GA who debate together and speak as one voice), veterans, military families and chaplains.  Seya and I voted the same on one amendment, differently on another, and then I abstained for a restroom break.  The statement of conscience ultimately was approved overwhelmingly by the delegates.  It is now the official stance of the denomination.  I will post a link here as soon as it’s available.

Every General Assembly the delegates also choose a Study/Action Issue to send to congregations for three years of…guess what…study and action.  The result will be a Statement of Conscience in three years, just as we did today with Creating Peace.  Two years ago the issue was Ethical Eating, and there have been plenty of sermons, workshops and lectures related to it at this GA.  Hence, there will be a Statement of Conscience on this next June (in Charlotte, if you are thinking of going).  Shall I preach on Ethical Eating this year?

What, you ask, was the newly selected Study/Action issue today?  Well, by written ballot the top two were National Economic Reform:  A Moral Imperative and Immigration as a Moral Issue.  But neither got a majority, so first thing Saturday we had a runoff vote.  The winner was Immigration.  What this means is that the UUA’s Commission on Social Witness will prepare and provide resource materials for congregations to use in studying this issue and engaging in social justice and service activities related to it, and after three years there will be a draft Statement of Conscience on this issue to discuss, debated, amend and approve.


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