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Report from the icuu ministers conference, the netherlands

It is so unusual to be this hot and humid in southern Netherlands that this retreat center not only has no ac, it has no fans.  i am at the first ever ministers conference of the international council of unitarians and universalists.  pardon the lack of capital letters and punctuation, but i am using my roommates laptop and he is a minister from Transylvania, and the keyboard is set to Hungarian.  We have 5ö people here, from our host country, the uk, Transylvania, Czech Republic, Canada, the USA, the íuu church of the philippines, and one minister each from uganda, nigeria and Burundi.  All very interesting people and very interesting stories.  we are in a 12th century monastery on the border with Germany.  meals and the pub are in the cellar, so itűs cool down there, which is a good excuse for staying up late and talking over a half liter of pilsener or maybe two half liters.  last night i talked with, among others, a young man from uganda who was the only religious leader to speak out against the very anti gay legislation proposed last year.  he may come to California to preach in the bay area  in october and offered to come to Sac for a mid week evening program.  are you interested, dear congregation…question mark would go here.


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Do you mean Rev. Kiyimba?? I would love it if he, or anyone else involved with that issue, showed up in Sac!

Comment by Seya

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