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Prayer for UU Worship Service 7/25/2010

After Hymn #15 (Singing the Living Tradition), “The Lone Wild Bird”

Meditation and Prayer

Please join me now as I offer these words of prayer.  We will follow the prayer with an invitation to a time of silence together.

Great Spirit, rest in us now as we gather side by side in recognition of our common humanity and in care for one another across age groups, life situations, and other categories of difference.  In our struggle and loss, concern and worry, doubt and confusion, may each one find comfort and hope.  In our times of celebration and moments of awareness, may each one feel inspired and grateful.  May wisdom be ours as we navigate life’s transitions and challenges.

Breath of Love, breathe in us. Bless us and all those we hold in our hearts.  May we enlarge the reach of our compassion to embrace all those with us here, all those beyond these walls, all who share with us this miracle of planet earth.  May we have the courage to reach out in kindness and attention, and the courage to ask when we are the ones needing support or a listening ear.

River of Life, move in our hearts.  Flow through our souls and refresh us.  Renew our sense of possibility.  Connect us again to our deep longings, visions and commitments, and connect us to our deep strength. Move in our heats, and move us into lives more abundant, lives more full with hope, wisdom, compassion, and courage.  So may it be.  Blessed be.


Now let us take a minute of silence together, for our personal meditations and intentions.  I will close the silence, and afterwards we’ll be enlivened with music.  For now, just be aware of being here, knowing that sounds will arise from among us, and letting those sounds come and go.  Our silence is not the absence of sound, but the practice of noticing.  If you wish, close your eyes. Notice your bodies in the chairs, notice your fingers or toes.  Notice your breathing… your neighbor’s breathing, our common breath, which is the breath of life.

Now let us take some time together.

[1 minute or so]
May peace be in our hearts, peace be in our lives, peace be in our world.


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