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Pastoral Prayer for Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010
October 18, 2010, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Rituals, Prayers, Elements of Worship Services

(All-Ages Service)

Creative Spirit of Life, we give thanks for this time together and for all the blessings of our lives.  We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses—by a variety of people of all kinds of gifts and needs, all reasons for hope and gratitude.  We extend our care to those among us who are doubting or worried or sorrowful.  To those of us burdened by concerns of health, money, housing, work or family problems, may we be granted serenity, and wisdom and courage when we need it, again and again.  In this peaceful room, we send our thoughts beyond these walls around the globe to zones of conflict and oppression.  My all people be safe, and may those in danger or desperation find protection and relief.  We send our prayers for peace, healing, co-existence and cooperation among the world’s peoples.

In this time of crisis for our planet, we long for better stewardship of nature’s richness and beauty, and we pray for generosity and care to outshine greed and fear.  We give thanks for the animals and plants of the earth and sea, for all beings who share this life with us.

We give thanks for the rescue this past week of the miners in Chile, and for all miracles of humanity and nature.

Let us greet the sun, the clouds in the sky, this day and every moment of this day as if we had just been rescued from a hole in a mine deep in the earth. And may we live, work, and pray so that all people may be free from danger, fear, and confinements of all kinds.  So may it be, day after day.  Amen.


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