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See What Courage Looks Like! Guest UU Minister from Uganda Visits Wednesday, Oct. 27

Join me as we invite the press, LGBT community, and all of Sacramento to meet the only religious leader in Uganda to stand up to the anti-gay legislation under consideration in Uganda. 

The Rev. Mark Kiyimba bravely spoke out against legislation that would make homosexuality a capital crime and force people to turn in gay people they know.  Mark helped LGBT Ugandans realize they weren’t alone.  He gave them  hope.  He also asked a minister from his UU Partner Church (All Souls Unitarian in Tulsa) to fly there to stand with him (“standing on the side of love”).
Mark and his Unitarian church members in Uganda have founded and run two AIDS orphanage ministries in Uganda.  He comes here in part to ask for voluntary donations from you and me to support that UU AIDS ministry there.

I met him at the 2009 UUA General Assembly  and in July at an international UU ministers’ conference.  He is an energetic and engaging man.  His personal risk to stand up to homophobia being used as a political tool have enhanced my esteem and affection. 

By the way, this terrible law has its origins in fundamentalist leaders in the United States.  (See “Straight Man’s Burden,” and other articles by Jeff Sharlet about the religious right in Harper’s Magazine, or “Fresh Air” on WHYY & NPR, August 25, 2010.)

Come hear more!

Mark will speak here at UUSS at 7:00 PM,  Wednesday, October 27. If you want to help out his church but cannot attend, let me know.


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