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Nudge from the Family Minister: …An Open Invitation to Families with Kids

It’s amazing to see how busy and full are the lives of parents these days.  Amazing–and inspiring too.

Since I arrived in 2008, I’ve seen many families come here in search of spiritual support, religious learning, meaningful ways to serve others, and a sense of community.

We now have 82 kids and youth registered for Sunday RE programs, not counting visitors who have yet to register.  Thanks to the parents, grandparents, foster parents and guardians who bring such vitality into our midst!  I know you appreciate the staff, ministers and volunteers who make an excellent Religious Education program possible.

I would like to invite each one of you to join this congregation.  Become an official member!

…If you’ve been coming regularly, you probably think of yourself as part of the community. You support UU values. You want your kids to make friends with those who are learning the same spiritual values.  I bet you hope society at large will be more inclusive, accepting, fair, generous, socially just and environmentally sustainable.  You are ready to be a member!

…Learn what it means to sign the membership book.  By joining the congregation, you can count yourself among the hundreds of people who have made UUSS their home, and the thousands who are UUs all over the nation and world.
As a member, not only will you gain a voice and a vote in matters of church life, you will show that this is a growing and vital community, a place to put down roots.  What do I get out of this, you ask?  Well, I get to call myself one of your ministers!

Of course, you need not be a member to participate, to register your child, to attend services, or to support UUSS programs financially with a monthly pledge or Sunday morning offering donation.  But if UUSS is what you refer to when you say “That’s where we go to church,” then why not say: “This is our community.”  Why not!

The next Newcomers’ Orientation to Membership is Saturday morning, Dec. 4.  Sign up at the Welcome Table.  If you can’t wait till then to join UUSS, let me know!

One of the reasons this church decided to look for a Family Minister was to help it grow in size and effectiveness as it serves families with kids.  I hope you, as visiting family, will affirm that commitment by exploring what it means to make your own commitment.

Yours in the spirit,
PS:  Don’t miss the video about the kids and adults in the UU congregations on the Philippine island of Negros, after the second service on Nov. 21.  Friends from the church in San Mateo will present and discuss the video.  Meanwhile here is another one of Philippine UUs at worship.

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