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U. U. Chalice Camp?–here is an update

Chalice Camp can happen! Chalice Camp is a 1-week  content-rich day program which many UU congregations host for members’ children.  Sometimes they open it to families of church friends and even the larger community, if space and funding are available.   A number of people here were inspired with the idea of having a shorter church camp by the sermon delivered November 14 by the Rev. Michelle Favreault, professor of religious education at Starr King School for the Ministry.  Listen here.

Chalice Camp Coming:  Summer 2011 at UUSS

By Rev. Roger Jones & Jeannine Newcum {for April Unigram newsletter}

  • It’s a blessing I was born. It matters what I do with my life. It matters what we do together.  What I know about god is a piece of the truth.  Where does ‘what I know’ come from? How do I know what matters to me?  Who or what is in charge?  Where do I find beauty?  I don’t have to do it alone.

These are some of Chalice Camp’s UU themes.  We’d like to bring back this week of learning and community building activities for members’ children, grades 1-6.   In 2006 we had 18 kids and 4 youth assistants at UUSS.  Some other churches in this UU district do it every summer.  Several parents have responded with interest to Roger’s blog posting about it.

We plan to hire an educator to coordinate the week, lead volunteers and train camp assistants (SHYG members, who will get stipends), and we’d have the Family Minister and RE Assistant handy.  The likely week for the all-day camp is July 25-29 or Aug. 8-12 (just one).  Early-bird cost:  $200 per child, plus $170 for each additional child from the same family.  After June 5 deadline, add $25 per child.  Registration deposit of $75 is due by June 5; refundable if we are not able to run the camp.   Contact Jeannine at or the RE Assistant at if you have an interest and a preference of dates.  More TBA in Sunday Blue Sheets.


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I’m very interested in this for my 7 year old daughter. Thanks!

Comment by Jeanne Alongi

Thanks for your interest! Ms. Newcum and I met today on this. We are happy that there was significant parental interest in a 9-week program, the numbers are not there to make it a “go” for this coming summer. We do have the names of parents of about 10 children who like the idea, and if this list grows in the coming year, we can plan for summer of 2012.

Comment by Pastor Cranky

This sounds like childcare for working parents. We would not be interested in that. We would be interested in true summer camp that was available as a week-long enrichment opportunity.

Comment by Kirsten Sanders

Thank you! What you are describing is usually called Chalice Camp, a content-rich program to deepen UU faith, values and identity for children. Given that we do not have the numbers for a 9-week program this year, we are now moving forward with plans for a 1-week or 2-week chalice camp at UUSS. I’ll write more about this, and Ms. Newcum and I will be glad to hear both from parents whose kids would attend and from members and teens who would either help to plan and organize this or volunteer during part of the Chalice Camp. More soon.

Comment by Pastor Cranky

I agree with the comment from Kristen- It sounds like childcare. Usually camps are not 9 weeks, they are 1 or 2 weeks long, with fun activities. So this a should either be called childcare, or make it a real camp situation with a shorter time period. It would be great to have something for teens too! S. Munch

Comment by Stephanie Munch

Greetings, Ms. Munch! I am glad to say that our RE Committee is looking into a week-long social action program for the summer for high school youth. It would be a collaboration with the churches in Livermore and Stockton, with youth spending two days in each UU church and its local community. You may pick up a brochure at the RE table soon, or talk to Sally Lewis of the RE Committee. Thanks!

Comment by Pastor Cranky

We’d be very interested in having the boys participate in Chalice Camp. Keep me posted.

Comment by JoLane

Hi, I have two kids who would be interested in Chalice Camp, but our attendance would be determined by the price. Please let me know when you have more information. Thanks!

Comment by Tina Bennett

Yes. We would be interested in sending our 6 year-old son to Chalice Camp this summer. I’m a Montessori teacher and would be willing to volunteer in any capacity.

Comment by Kirsten Sanders

Yes. I am interested in having my 8 year old daughter attend Chalice Camp. When the dates are determined, please let me know.

Comment by Danielle Eichhorn

We were interested in the longer camp, and are also interested in the Chalice Camp.

Comment by Karen Hirsch

We would be interested in the Chalice Camp for Alec.

Comment by Carrie

I was just wondering what had happened to the idea of UU Summer camp. I was thinking that if an entire summer was too much of a commitment, then perhaps it could be one week…and then I see your announcement. Yes, Larry and I are interested in having Jasmine (8) and Jade (6) attend. I didn’t read anything in the above description that suggested it was a daycare situation. I like the idea of even the little ones engaging in some kind of social action, or community support project. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Mimi

Comment by Mimi Lewis

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