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Voting Down the State Parks proposition for $18

I was struck by these two letters to the editor in the Nov. 6 San Francisco Chronicle.  The first one may be true, but the second one did inspire me, and I will act on it.  Post a comment if you will, too!

$18 was too much for parks?

If Californians can’t find it in their hearts or wallets to pay $18 to preserve our state parks, what hope do we have for national health insurance or our safety-net programs?

Welcome to the era of extreme selfishness and myopia.

Eve Visconti, Foster City

Let’s chip in for our parks

Even though Proposition 21 failed, there were more than 3 million supporters of the initiative. If all of us who supported Prop. 21 were to send $18 to the California State Parks Foundation, we would generate over $54 million for the parks. Let’s do it!

Barbara Hill, Walnut Creek


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Great idea!

Comment by Julie A Heston

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