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Report: All-Ages Holiday Potluck & Tree-Trimming Party
December 4, 2010, 10:08 pm
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From 5-8 we had a big holiday time at the church.

Ian counted the crowd for me:  49 adults, 30 children and youth, and one dog.  No reindeer.  The dog is Sabrina, a golden retriever puppy in training to be a guide dog (and reindeer).  We had all kinds of dishes and lots of help cleaning up, but next time I hope for a coordinator, other than unorganized ME!  We had Billie at the piano, Kathy at the flute and others adding music while we set up and then during dinner.  We had a moment of silence to breathe, notice our feet and seat in the chair and call to mind whatever we are grateful for.  Then we ate.

Lauren and Chuck introduced us to their Scottish Highland and Cape Breton Island dancers, several teens and young women who did some lively and colorful dances.  Many little kids and teens were mesmerized.

Billie accompanied while Eric sang two old popular Christmas songs, and then Marlene took a turn at the piano to accompany Christmas Carols.

JoAnn led a table for making colored-paper chains, Janet and crew had a table for making small gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, and there were a few tables that I didn’t get to see.  A crafty time for many generations.  John and Ed and crew set up the tree and turned on the lights.  Thanks to Dennis for this donation in memory of Michael, his partner and our member, who died this past year.

I know I am forgetting many names, and not listing all who stayed and helped to clean up, because if I started a list I would invariably leave someone off. Thanks to Thelma for having started this tradition well before I got here.

Thanks to Theater One who suspended their run of  “My Three Angels” tonight so we could hold this event. The continue tomorrow afternoon and next weekend.  A great play!

Thanks to all who came.  We had a much bigger turnout this year than last.  If you might be interested in coordinating for this event for the first Saturday of next December, contact me soon before I forget all the details.



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