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family minister’s column for February

For the Good of the Whole Shebang:
Family Minister’s Appreciation & Invitation

You probably don’t have a baby in Child Care on Sunday mornings. I don’t.

You may not be in our group of UU Young Adults.  Me neither.  When I turn 50 in a few days, I won’t even be eligible for the Not-So-Young-Adults group.  Our Member Connections Facilitator is helping to get it started, even though she’s not in that category.
Count yourself lucky if you do not have a teenager in these distracting, complicated, busy times!  But be glad for those at UUSS who do, for they can find values-based sexuality education in this church community.

Maybe you don’t till the soil in the UURTHSONG garden, or even pay it a visit or take some fresh produce home after services.  Maybe you don’t walk the green grounds of our campus.  Or perhaps you don’t get much out of sermons or music on Sunday morning.

Maybe you don’t drink coffee or peruse the beautiful new Bookstore in the Library.  Maybe you don’t stay for soup, or sing in the choir, or play an instrument for a worship service, or attend a meditation retreat or an Adult Enrichment class.
Maybe you don’t ever have a heavy heart, a challenging illness, or any need for a pastoral counseling session or help from a Lay Ministry volunteer or a Friend in Deed.

Perhaps you don’t come to church for the hugs, smiles or words of wisdom.

Well, not everybody needs everything that UUSS makes available.   But I hope you do find plenty to enrich your life here.  And I bet you are glad that UUSS is able to do all it does, and to offer so much to so many different kinds of people.
I am glad, too!

We support this congregation because we care—not just about our own special preferences and priorities.  We care for the good of the whole.  The whole congregation:  newcomers and long-timers, singles, families, kids, elders… people.  The whole shebang!

If you are like me, you don’t go hungry or wonder where you will find a place to sleep.  You don’t have your liberties threatened often, or your labors underpaid, or your parents deported, or your gender identity a cause for someone to persecute you.  You don’t live in a war zone or an oil-spill zone.  I don’t, and I’m lucky.

Yet you and I care about people and creatures who are at risk, suffering, or in need.  We care about human rights and peace.  We are glad this congregation is here.  We’re proud of the good we do locally and in our world.  We are inspired by the values it stands for.  I’m proud the UU movement is Standing on the Side of Love.

We care about the good of the whole.  The whole person, the whole human family, the whole blue-green planet we share with others.  The whole shebang!

This is why we show up, why we reach out, why we speak up, and why we stretch ourselves to support the mission and programs of UUSS.

We care about the good of the whole.  Thank you for caring, and thank you for giving so generously.
For the good of the whole, you make a difference. We all do!
Yours in service,

PS—In case it’s not clear above, our UUSS Pledge Drive for the 2011-12 fiscal year kicks off soon.  This is when friends and members make commitments of financial support for the next budget year. Thanks!


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