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Pledge Drive Testimonial “For the Good of the Whole”– by Ginger E.

A Testimonial by Ginger, Stewardship Chair, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2011

Good morning.   As we begin our Stewardship Drive next month, we will hear from a number of members about what this congregation means to them.  Also, a team of our volunteers will be serving as “stewards”– or pledge visitors in this year’s drive.  When your steward calls you, please invite them to your house or arrange to meet them for coffee.

Why?  We do this for the connection–and for the feedback. We want to hear your thoughts and feelings about UUSS.  We ask for your pledge cards back by Sunday, March 13.  This will enable the Board of Trustees to make the budget proposal  for the May congregational meeting.

The theme of the pledge drive is “For The Good of the Whole.”  For the good of the whole, our district – the Pacific Central District – put on a church finance teleconference.  So, last Tuesday after dinner, Meg Burnett, Cathy Whitney and I compared notes with other Unitarian Universalist lay leaders about our church finances.

We were proud to say that in the last few years our pledge income here at UUSS has increased.  As some of us  in the congregation have had to cut back, others of us have been able to step up and increase our contributions.   This increase in pledges, even through this “Great Recession,” is happening in many churches.

I was quite surprised, though, to hear that other churches in our district, of similar size, have significantly higher pledge income than we do.  For instance, the UU Church of Fresno is similar in size and last year had about $60,000 more in pledge income than we did UUSS.  Hmm. $60,000 – do you know what that is?    It is just about what we need – $60,000 more than we pledged last year – to fund things the minimum way we’d all like to –  minimum maintenance of buildings, some emergency reserve, staff salaries in the middle range for our area, programs supported as they are now, and to pay our fair share of district and national dues.

My husband Roy and I increased our pledge last year, and followed our board president’s lead in a midterm increase in October.  And we are going to increase our pledge for this drive – For the Good of the Whole.

We understand that you may not be able increase your pledge this year.  But if you can, please consider doing so – for the Good of the Whole.

And whatever you decide to pledge—whatever you are able to give to UUSS, please know that we thank you.


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