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No Small Reasons! (An explanation of pledging financial support.)

“Over the years in ministry, I’ve learned that no one comes to church for a petty reason.”

So writes Dr. Rebecca Parker, a UU minister and president of Starr King School for the Ministry.

I’ve learned this too.  People don’t call to make an appointment with a minister for trivial reasons. No person or family shows up here on Sunday mornings just to kill time.  Most of our visitors don’t seek us out unless something has set them on a search for belonging, for celebration, and for meaning.

Nobody joins this congregation—and nobody supports it, either—for trivial reasons.  I think of the volunteers:  trustees, committee members, Religious Education teachers, worship leaders, musicians, ushers, Ministry Circle leaders, Lay Ministry listeners, cooks, landscape caretakers, fix-up volunteers and others.

I think of the devoted members and friends who stretch themselves to support the congregation with generous financial pledges every year.  We are in the middle of our month-long pledge drive.  This year’s theme is “For the Good of the Whole.”

Many people think of their pledge in terms of a percentage of their income.  At UUSS the designation of Fair Share pledging is a pledge of 2% or more of adjusted grow income.  If you do this, please note it on your pledge card.

I encourage all Unitarian Universalists to aim toward giving, in the aggregate, at least 10% of their annual income to organizations that serve the greater good.   One of these organizations, of course, would be their church.  This is a suggestion for personal goal-setting.  It’s not a demand, but an invitation

I pledge 5% of my salary to UUSS and usually give another 5% to 7% to other institutions, causes, and charities.

Pledges to UUSS range from $10 a month to about $20,000 a year.  This is an economically diverse congregation.  This diversity is what it means to be part of a community.  Contributions of all sizes are valued and appreciated.

Some can afford to give more than others, and some less.  Indeed, some pledge and give more because we know others cannot.

Please know that if your financial situation should change (for better or for worse), it is quite appropriate to revise your pledge (either down or up!) by notifying the Office or one of the ministers.

If you would like to discuss your pledge or any aspect of church life, please give Doug or me a call.  We strive to earn your trust and to keep it.

Your pledge is your decision, so please choose an amount that feels right.  Give till it feels good.  Thank you for making a difference … for the good of the whole community.

Yours in service,


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