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Another great family Stewardship Testimonial: For the Good of the Whole

Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011


Good Morning – I think this “good morning” one of the few times that UU’s are unison!  My name is Kathleen and my husband, Christopher and son Erik have been members of this place since 2000.

I was raised without a formal dogma and actually frightened from organized religion because of the “Born-Again” movement that happened in the 70s.  My husband, on the other hand, was raised a practicing Catholic until he left the house for college.  We both had our religious war wounds, but we both are very spiritual in our own ways.

When our son was born, we both wanted to find a village to help raise our son and we didn’t want to raise our son in a religious vacuum – just like sex, if you don’t provide a good education, they learn all the wrong things on the playground.  UUSS is known for its Religious Education or “RE” program – so we came in December 1999 for a Candle Light Christmas service and we have stayed members ever since.  By the way, RE provides a safe place for kids to learn about their own spirituality all the way through high school.


What we have found here are wonderful people who have opinions and accept you even if you do not believe the same (of course they’ll argue with you!)  We found life-long friends who we found when we shared raising our small children.  I have been a worship leader and have sung in our choir, whereas Christopher has helped out with the (RE).  Even on those days where we don’t want to get here at 9:30 in the morning, we are inspired by Doug’s and others’ sermons that bring insight from all religions and religious practices of the world.


There are many ways to contribute to UUSS.  But I am here today because we have started our  “For the Good of the Whole” stewardship campaign.

We all contribute in our own ways to this place, but to keep it going we do need funding.  We understand that you may not be able increase your pledge this year but if you can, please consider doing so – for the Good of the Whole.  Whatever amount of generosity is right for you to give to UUSS, please know that we thank you.

Many have volunteered to be Stewards, including myself – which is kind of funny because of my own conversations about money – but we could use more.  If you would like to be a steward – if you like meeting with people – you can sign up at the Stewardship table, which is outside the door on the patio.

And if a Steward calls you, please meet with them.  We want not only to get the pledge cards in by March 13, we really want to get your thoughts and feelings about UUSS and continue to make this a great place.  This is why I volunteered to be a steward.

Thanks to all of you in this room, because you are what make UUSS great.


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