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Farewell Blessing and info about my Pilgrimage to the Philippines (March 8-25). See a great short video (link below)

As I write this, it’s in the 80s and still raining there–the rainy season has persisted.  Would you like to know more about the UU Church in the Philippines?  Hereis their website.   Here is a video!

In our UUSS bookstore, there are 3 copies (for sale) of the Rev. Fred Muir’s book about the history and identity of the UU movement there, Maglipay Universalist: The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines.

I plan to preach about the trip on April 10.   What follows is today’s blessing ritual for me on this pilgrimage.  Speaking of blessings, I will be away from cell phone and email contact most of the time.

Blessing for Rev. Roger on His Pilgrimage to the Philippines

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carole: This Tuesday Roger departs on a pilgrimage to visit Unitarian Universalists and their churches in the Philippines.  Now is the time for us to bless him on his way. The goal of a pilgrimage is not to transform the place you visit. It’s not a mission or a charity trip.  Instead, a pilgrimage allows for transforming friendships, and for building new relations.

Congregation:  May your journey be safe and enriching.  We send you on your way, bringing the good will and good wishes of our congregation with you.  Carry the spirit of this community in your heart as you fly, hike, walk, pray, worship, feast, fast and wander.

Roger: Thank you for your support.  I am proud to be representing this California congregation on my pilgrimage.

Carole: May you travel with “beginner’s mind.”  Let your senses take in all that you see, smell, feel, hear, touch during your exploration of the country, its peoples and the UU community.  Our faith tradition has been a soul-saving and community-building force in the Philippines for over 60 years.  Although you won’t get to all 29 congregations in villages and cities on the island of Negros, you will be building relationships with all those you do visit.

Roger: I look forward to learning even more about how our liberal faith can be found and lived in many different cultural expressions.

Congregation:  Please give them our love; receive their love and their commitment to our free faith. Come back and tell us about our UU family in the Philippines.  Go in peace.  Go with our blessing.  Amen.

Carole: Now let us join in the spirit of reflection and prayer as we hear these words from Clifford M. Reed, a British Unitarian minister and former president of the British Unitarian General Assembly.  “Infinite Spirit of Life…”


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