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Stewardship Campaign ends soon … and … a Fair Share Surprise

The financial commitments that you and I make on a 2011-12 Pledge Card right now will determine the level of staffing, program activity, outreach and overall excellence for the coming budget year at UUSS.

(The Finance Committee assembles the budget, the Board finalizes a budget proposal based on projected income, and the Congregation Members vote on it in May.  The fiscal year begins July 1.  Please welcome your Volunteer Steward visitor if you get a phone call.  Please think about the materials you have received, and the testimonials we have heard and read.)

Please consider a pledge as a percentage of adjusted gross income.  If most of us  can find ourselves somewhere on the Fair Share Guide when arriving at a pledge, UUSS will have enough to achieve all major goals for next year and have a balanced budget.  Thank you for your support!
If you missed our excellent Feb. 13 Stewardship Kickoff Service, our guest’s sermon text  is at this link. on my blog.  You can hear his sermon (16 minutes and eloquent) at

If you do get a call from a  volunteer Steward, please return the call.  Please invite them over for a brief conversation, or arrange to meet them  for coffee.  The purpose of the visit is CONNECTION as well as feedback, as well as funding our programs.  Thank you to all who make this a wonderful place to serve.  You can read my own pledge-deciding process at this link.

Fair Share Surprise–reflections from Ginger Enrico–Can’t Pledge More?  Please Don’t Feel Bad!  Do you think You’re Not at a “Fair Share” level?  You Might Be Surprised.
Ginger says:  I talked to several people lately who said they were sorry that their pledges weren’t bigger.  These people didn’t just regret not being able to pledge more, they felt as if they weren’t doing their part. I’m glad when people wish they could pledge more – I hear that they value UUSS and its people, programs, outreach, and the place itself.

But I am sad to hear when a conscientious person who is pledging what they can, could feel bad about themselves, bad about their pledge.  You know what’s really surprising?  The people I talked to were actually pledging at a Fair Share level, but they didn’t know it!

When I talked to each one, I reminded them that the directions on the bottom of the Fair Share Guidelines include deducting several kinds of expenses (and adding back some income items).  Each one looked at the Guidelines, did some quick figuring and realized that their pledges were, for their income and situation, actually Fair Share Pledges.  I wish you could have seen the delight on their faces and the relief in their voices!   Before these conversations, I had thought “Fair Share” was a practical guideline for people who want to do less than tithe (which means to commit 10% of one’s adjusted gross income.)

I had no idea it was also a morale booster for people who can’t make as much of a financial commitment as they would like to.  Let me know if you have questions, and please know that we thank you for your support.  Your gifts make a difference.  —Ginger, Stewardship Chair.


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