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… Pledge Campaign Ends… but it’s not over till we hear from every supporter of UUSS: For the Good of The Whole!

Dear Members and Friends,

Our congregation’s stewardship campaign ended (officially) on March 13.  ! The results of this fund raising pledge drive will sustain and enhance our programs, staff and outreach for the 2011-12 budget year.

We appreciate the generosity of our members and friends, as over 75% of UUSS revenue comes from your gifts.  Thank you!

There is momentum and vitality around here, with many highlights. Here are just a few:

  • On Sunday, Feb. 27, Eric Stetson was introduced as our new Music Director!
  • A big menu of Adult Enrichment programs now involve many new friends and longtime members.
  • Religious Education has grown to 84 children & youth, with enthusiastic volunteers, strong attendance in Spirit Play and junior and senior high programs, and hands-on artistic and community service projects.
  • We have a bright, lovely UUSS library and a spacious, upgraded kitchen.
  • We have new Friends in Deed program, several new activity groups, and lots of coffee-time conversation buzzing around “Connection Central” on Sundays.
  • We welcomed 20 members (+ kids) at the recent New Member Ingathering.
  • Even in times of economic challenge in this region, the generosity of this congregation has grown in recent years.Goals for 2011-12 include paying our UUA and District dues, meeting UUA Fair Compensation goals for our staff, and funding repairs and reserves at prudent levels.
      For this year’s campaign we had hoped to offer a personal visit by a volunteer Steward, but we have not recruited enough Stewards to visit everyone.

If you would like a visit, please let us know.

    If not, please review the chart and return your completed Pledge Card soon.
      If you can bring or mail your

Pledge Card

    back this week, we can conclude the stewardship campaign on schedule.Your generosity makes a difference!
      Ginger Enrico,

Stewardship Chair

      Tina Chiginksy,

UUSS President P.S.—

      If most of us (at all income levels) can find ourselves pledging at a spot on the

Fair Share giving chart

      , UUSS will have enough income to meet our goals with a balanced budget!Your pledge is your decision,

and we thank you for your support.

P.P.S.— you can read our Family Minister’s letter about ways to think bout pledging at this link.


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