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on the way to the Philippines

Just had a nap in Seoul’s Incheon airport. It’s now Thursday, but not where you are, if you are in the US!  Free shared laptops in one loungish area.  But the concessions are not cheap in the airport (but they were overpriced at LAX too).  You know how after a long long flight the plane’s bathrooms look like a wreck and you’d rather not have to use them, and how the flight attendants look like a wreck too?  Well, they kept the bathrooms clean, even folding the ends of the toilet paper rolls to have a point.  (Korean Air.) And the young, gracious attendants looked fresh as a daisy as well, still gracious and kind, not desperate to be rid of us.  I was crestfallen when I checked in at the Korean Air desk in LAX and was told that due to my “low” fare ($1,050?) for Manila, I was not eligible for frequent flier miles on a partner airline.  Is that why I got an aisle seat… in a row that had two empty seats?  Well, I’d like to think he did that because I wasn’t complaining about the miles.  I had ordered the western vegetarian dinner and breakfast, but found myself very curious and intrigued by the Korean fare.  They actually have a kimchi-like sauce in a little toothpaste tube, and you squeeze out the red stuff onto the rice and bibimbap (spelling?).   I finished Fred Muir’s book, Maglipay Universalist, about the history of UU Church of the Philippines (founded in the 1960s by a Pentecostal preacher on Negros Island, it’s been part of the UUA since 1988).  A quick read, as the last chunk of it are 3 appendices.  Three copies in the bookstore at church, with good discussion questions at the end of each.

Okay, time to get on the flight to Manila.


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