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Pledge Drive Testimonial: Sally and David, church parents, speak For the Good of the Whole. Given March 2011

David and I were invited to give a testimonial as a family belonging to UUSS. We’ve been a family here for 20 years. UUSS offers many things for families.

Not only are there Sunday services and classes for the children and youth to be together, but there are so many activities in which families can get involved. There are the dinners at a family style restaurant; holiday celebrations with the Holiday Tree-Trimming Party and the Easter Canned Food Hunt, and then every June we have an all-church camp. There are numerous activities that families are active in such as the American River Parkway Stewards, the Community Garden and Family Promise.

And then there’s the Children’s Religious Education or RE program. We can definitely verify the many merits of this program for families. Our16-year-old son has been a part of the RE program all of his life. The UUSS Children’s RE program welcomes children and youth of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It is a safe place for young people to be who you are. Every Sunday, the RE program offers professional nursery care and classes and meetings for children and youth in four different age groups.

The classes, events and activities for children and youth here encourage spiritual growth, foster ethical values and develop moral behavior. And the kids have fun, too!  RE offers excellent programs beyond Sunday such as the Our Whole Lives sexuality curriculum and the Coming of Age course for junior high youth.

RE helps our children and youth be a force for social justice by helping them reach out to others by organizing service projects here at the church and in the community. RE offers all of these things all the while treating children and youth like the intelligent beings that they are, guiding them to eventually make tough choices as they grow, and providing spiritual and emotional support.

 This is all accomplished by the wonderful support of the entire congregation, the hard-working RE staff and volunteers and skillfully managed by our Family Minister, the ironic schmoozer himself, Rev. Roger.

We are fair share givers, we have increased our pledge this year and we plan on continuing as UUSS members as a family for a very long time.


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