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UU Youth Conference, Retreat and Summer Camp dates 2011-12
I received this from Jason George and the Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams of the PCD.
I have highlighted in RED the things that relate to high school (YRUU) and in GREEN those that relate to junior high (MUUGS).   (to my non-UU blog readers:  participation is limited to children & youth who participate in Sunday services and religious education programs in UU congregations.  The camps and retreats are not open.  Likewise adult volunteers and staff must be screened, and must be approved by their ministers.)
WUUKY is a summer camp for UUs age 14-20.
You will see also that the PCD is holding another Coming of Age cycle.  Indeed, the PCD will have Coming of Age every year now, not every other year, so every church can choose when or how often it wants to participate.

the Family Minister

PS to JHYG teachers:  Please let your youth and their parents know about this, and especially that there is a MUUGS camp in July!
For MUUGs retreats, registration forms will be put on the district site,
PS to SHYG teachers:  note that there is a YRUU Spirituality  Conference  May 20-22–a month away, and a WUUKY camp in July.
For YRUU conferences, check out That will have registration forms for upcoming cons, and WUUKY, as well as what to do with those forms.
 Here are all current youth dates for youth events through summer of 2012.
May 20-22, 2011 YRUU Spirituality Con, San Mateo
July 4-9, MUUGs CampMendocino Woodlands (Camp 3)
July 4-9 WUUKY, Mendocino Woodlands (Camp 2)
August 19-21, YRUU Social Justice Con
August 26-28, MUUGs RetreatLivermore
October 14-16, Coming of Age Threshhold Retreat, Santa Rosa (Ropes course Retreat)
October 21-23, YRUU Fall Con
November 4-6, MUUGs Retreat
January 13-16, 2012, MUUGs retreat (note the 3 day weekend)
January 20-22, 2012, Coming of Age Street Retreat, San Francisco
February 17-22, 2012, YRUU Elections Con
April 13-15, 2012, Coming of Age Solo Vigil
April 20-22, 2012,  MUUGs Retreat
July 2-7, 2012 MUUGs Camp
July 2-7, 2012 WUUKY 
August 24-26, 2012, MUUGs Camp

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