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UUSS Achievements in the Past Year: What Do You Feel Proud Of?

Recently Pastor Cranky asked the Board of Trustees and Program Council this question:

What is one accomplishment of this congregation of the past 12 months that you feel proud of?   It does not have to be something that was in your volunteer portfolio, or something you were involved in, but some achievement of our church that makes you proud.  (Not the only one, to be sure, but just one, for the sake of brevity.)


Our dynamic growth in membership (especially Child/Youth RE)

A Harvest Fest at which people were dancing in the aisles to live music that a UUSS family played. (And revenue at a higher level than projected for this fundraiser event.)

One of the goals of this board is transparency…..keeping the congregation informed about what the board has done. I think we have reached this goal, with more and more of the congregation asking questions and making suggestions. I have had very positive feedback about articles written and a good response from what I have said in Congregational meetings.

I think the book of Doug’s sermons was a huge accomplishment from the  standpoint of  congregation participation, volunteer participation, and collaboration between the two ministers, with Roger suggesting a way to celebrate Doug, which showed a sense of loyalty, support, and admiration.  I can’t think of a better way to show that our congregation is congruent.  We have sold 150 copies so far and raised over $4,000.

Music:  The hiring of Rachel Kang as accompanist after the departure of our longtime accompanist, with her position having several more Sundays added in the year.   The volunteer support of Meg Burnett to keep the choir humming along after the former music director departed.   The recruiting of Eric Stetson to be an interim coordinator of special music for a few months and then to be our new Music Director, bringing a diversity of styles and greater participation by members in our music program.

I feel proud that within less than one year, we went from having a defunct Caring Network that everyone seemed pessimistic about resuscitating to the exciting, new Friends in Deed Network! With at least 50 volunteers connecting online and a wonderful facilitator (Joan Spurling), we now have a way to quickly and efficiently get the word out when someone in the congregation needs help and pinpoint who is available & willing to give that help. Yay! With this one change, I feel UUSS became much more like a family that really cares about its members and friends.

Soup Sundays in the winter months, which fostered after-church fellowship.

I think of everything that’s gone on in the past year, what stands out for me is the broad and open discussion that continues around the Master Plan. People have engaged in good faith and discussed openly in a caring way, and it’s been very heartening to see.

Renewing Roger Jones’s contract.

I would say the thing I think was amazing was how the volunteers pulled off the Harvest Fest last fall.  From no one being prepared to a very successful fundraiser.  I am also very impressed with the Master Plan process and all of the hard work that committee is doing and keeping the congregation informed.

I was thrilled with the Credo statements by our Coming of Age youth in the service they organized on May 15. I’m proud to be part of a denomination that educates our children about religion and ethics but encourages them to wrestle with these difficult questions themselves. We nurture the skills of questioning, studying, and critical thinking and at the same time emphasize compassion and tolerance. Thanks to the leaders, mentors, the parents, and especially to the kids themselves!

What would you say?  Please use the COMMENTS button to add your own thoughts!


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I am proud of many of our accomplishments over the past year at UUSS but the one that comes first to mind and heart is our new Friends in Deed network that the Program Council was able to pull together. The perfect coordinator, Joan Spurling, is now busy at work sending out notices of needs and thank yous for helping services as appropriate.

Comment by Joan Rubenson

I am pround that volunteers updated the library making a nice meeting room for various committees as well as a great place for booklovers to gather on Sundays. To me, it says we care about our facilities.

Comment by Doris Janes

I am proud of the UUrth Song CommUUnity Garden and its usage by non gardeners as well as gardeners. It is a place of peace and hope and it has enhanced the UUSS property.

Comment by Glory Wicklund

I am enchanted with the special moments created by our entire community. The latest for me was during the early service May 1 when the congregation was stilled by Eric Stetson’s beautiful rendition of “Trouble”. When he finished we sat in spontaneous silence until the moment passed. Thank you all.

Comment by Polly Ostrofe

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