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July Newsletter Column: Family Minister’s Message: Late Spring & Early Summer Scenes


LGBTQ Unitarian Universalists (plus straight allies from our staff and membership) got up and out early on a rainy Saturday to march and to “stand on the side of love” for Sacramento’s annual Pride Parade.  Music Director Eric Stetson led us in song, and small crowds cheered our banners as we sloshed by them.

Then people took turns staffing the UUSS booth at the Pride Fair, along with the other gay-affirming faith communities.  My drenched feet and I held out till 1:30, then went home for a cat nap and wardrobe change.  Thanks to Diane & Jean for staffing the booth for the duration and Eric for his enthusiastic explanations of Unitarian Universalism to those who stopped by the booth.

A week later, with winter wetness behind us, the Youth Coming of Age’s teenage participants, their parents, siblings, adult mentors, and the two COA co-leaders gathered in one family’s back yard for an evening cookout.   Chatting, chowing and swinging on a swing set, the youth had clearly bonded with one another and with their mentors.  Parents poured out their appreciation of the time and care given by the mentors.

Eating a big wedge of cake, I asked a third grader about the most fun thing of his school year.  No hesitation from him:  It was working on his school newspaper, interviewing classmates and writing stories.  Name of the paper?  “The Cougar Paw Print.”

After church on May 22 our members and trustees engaged one another with open minds and deep hearts at the Congregational Meeting.  The Trustees trusted the congregation to share the challenge of our budgetary challenges and some painful options.  The discussion was not easy, but always respectful.  The meeting was continued for another day, June 12, for final discussion and a vote on the 2011-12 budget

By that meeting, many members and friends had stepped forward to make extra gifts and to raise their pledge commitments by $50, $250, $500 and a few thousand dollars.  As a result:  no furloughs, and full fiscal year ahead with vital programs to support us as we come together, deepen our lives, and promote healing in the world.

I love starting summer with memories and moments of inspiration.  See you again on July 17.

Yours in service,


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