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My Letter to “Newsweek” about its cover photo of presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann

I just read that there is a controversy  about Newsweek’s Aug. 7 cover photo of Rep. Bachmann.  If you go to that link you’ll read that many felt it was unfair because it traded in anti-female stereotypes and purposely made her “look crazy.”  Well, I wasn’t even thinking of that!  I do think her views are extreme, harsh, dangerous, irrational and out of sync with our country’s Constitutional and pluralistic traditions.  I think she doesn’t have the experience to be President, but I’d never want her to be a mayor, let alone a Member of Congress!  But unfortunately, she’s not more crazy than millions of other people who hold her views.  I just don’t want her picture on Newsweek’s cover!

No, not when the same issue includes a great profile of Gloria Steinhem AND an excerpt from a forthcoming book about a brave Somali woman doctor.  Here is my Letter to the Editor:

To the Editor:

You know how to sell magazines better than I do.   Yet your August 15 cover photo of Rep. Michelle Bachmanm was a disappointing choice.  She merely trades in falsehoods, fear and rage.  The honor of your cover should have gone to Dr Hawa Abdi, the Somali who faced down fanatical boys with machine guns who shut down her hospital.  Her story is one of true courage and principle. In the midst of war, fanaticism and famine, Dr. Abdi remains committed to  treating sick women and starving children, and accepting thousands of refugees as her guests.   What’s more brave than her demand for a written apology from the cruel thugs?  That show of guts merits a cover story.  And, in a fashion sidebar, you could have proclaimed that her colorful, graceful garments can set a trend more bold than flag pins and a sleeveless sheath.

[my name]

PS–all in all, it was a great issue!  Gordon Brown, Jennifer Granholm, Jane Harman, Steinem AND Abdi!


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