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Clown Circus: Times of mourning and remembrance for surving Swan Brother

Last Sunday after church we had our annual visit by the Swan Brothers Clown Circus, a local company in business for 37 years, nearly the longest running independent circus on record.  Les Corbin, a church member and tax preparer, does the circus’s tax returns and asks them to do a show for our kids in lieu of payment.  Thanks, Les!  I’m sure the circus has done lots of birthday parties but not too many churches.

This year, only one brother came: Zippy, a.k.a., Andy Swan.  His brother died last December.  There’s an article on the front page of the Our Region section in Thursday’s Sacramento Bee.  Read the story  at this link.

Our Sunday Religious Education class had a tone of somber reflection rather than anticipation of the circus that was to happen.  Alec, a 5-year-old, disclosed to his fellow RE kids that High Top (a.k.a. Mike Swan), had passed away.  This led to an important spiritual conversation.

But not long after that, there was a big crowd of squealing kids this past Sunday, but I was not able to stay long. (We had a three-ring circus of our own:  Greeter/Usher training and lunch, an info session for parents on the Our Whole Lives sexuality course for 7th & 8th graders, a meeting of our Master Planning Facilitators to look at the architect’s visionary plans, and two other meetings I’m now forgetting!

I have enjoyed working with the Swan Brothers and extend my condolences and prayers to Andy on this great loss.  I also cheer him on as he goes “on with the show” without his brother and sidekick.


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