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Pastoral Prayer from UUSS service October 9, 2011
October 9, 2011, 10:37 pm
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The sermon will be posted mid-week.

Pastoral Prayer                                                            October 9, 2011


Spirit of Life, Fuente de Amor, Source of Love, draw near to us and to those we hold in our hearts.  We are blessed by this gathering in kindness and respect, and by those who can offer a kind word and those who need one.

Let us remember those looking for work, those beset by financial challenges, those facing medical worries, unwelcome diagnoses, and pain of body, mind or spirit.  We wish them healing, wellbeing and a sense of ease in living with challenge.  To those living with mental anguish, we hope for strength and a renewed appreciation of their worth, their gifts and their courage.  We keep in our hearts all who know grief, and offer the gesture of our gentle presence.  We mark the passing of our own member Michael Laughlin this past week.  So many of us will miss his regular Sunday morning presence in the coffee kitchen, serving faithfully in his unique ministry of hospitality.  Rest in peace, Michael.

May our compassion reach around this globe to embrace those in zones of war and conflict—those who serve in harm’s way and those who are living there.  We pray for the end of all kinds of conflict, violence, and oppression, including the trauma of domestic violence in too many homes of our community and our country.  We pray also for peace.  We give thanks for those who devote their time and their gifts in the service of healing, renewal, and reconciliation.

In recent weeks many people have gathered in cities of this nation to exercise their constitutional rights of speech and protest, calling for a broader democracy and economic fairness.  May all involved be safe from harm.  In the feisty ferment of democracy, may passion for change be partnered with respect for the basic worth of every person.  In the Middle East, great numbers continue to risk their lives, even to give their lives, to call for change, to demand government in service to the needs of the many instead of the whims of the few who ruler.  May the spirit of democracy prevail thanks to the extraordinary courage of ordinary people.

This weekend in California, we mark the 100-year anniversary of women’s right to vote in our state, and we celebrate the achievements of all those who commit themselves to the long haul.  This week includes recognition of National Coming Out Day, highlighting the courage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to claim the truth of their lives and the right to live in peace.  May human dignity achieve its due respect.  Spirit of Life, for the gift of life and the gift of this new day, let us be thankful.  Now let us take several moments in silence, to appreciate the breath of life, to invite our private meditations, to be here together, present in body and spirit for one another.   Amen.


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