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Philippines UU Travel and International UU Conference in 2012–

You can read on page 3 of the November Unigram about the March 9-22 Partner Church Pilgrimage trip to visit our UU friends in the Philippines.  Please take a look and let me know if you have questions.  If those dates are not good, or it’s too long, or if you’d like to meet African, European, Indian, U.S., and Latin American UUs also, then consider the conference of the InternationalCouncil of Unitarians & Universalists, Feb. 6-12, 2012..  It will be hosted on Negros Island by the Philippines churches, (The theme of “Sharing Our Faith, Transforming Our World” asks how we can live in right relationship. Creative tension in our multi-cultural dialogue will be explored through a variety of talks and other interactive experiences focusing both on our diversity and what we have in common. Some sessions will consider how the ways we express our faith can make an impact on social justice and the environment in our local communities. Among other speakers, Bruce Knotts will consider how the UU United Nations  Office might speak for and to the worldwide UU community.)

There will be an optional tour of Manila two days in advance of the ICUU Conference and an optional visit to a few of the Philippine UU churches on Negros Island two days after the conference, both at an extra cost.  Save $50 on registration if you register before Monday.  Click here to read about the ICUU meeting!



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