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UPDATE/Change for Sunday services, Nov. 27– “Occupy the Common Good” plus Dvorak sonatina, 3 movements!

Sunday, Nov. 27—sermon title change:

Occupy the Common Good:

How Can We Keep from Singing?

Rev. Roger Jones, Family Minister

The Occupy movement spans from Wall Street to the nearby Cesar Chavez Park.  Demonstrators of all ages have shown energy, anger and also joy in their persistent protesting for economic fairness, yet the government seems too fearful to hear the message–or at least to heed it.

The UC-Davis campus and many cities have shown both fear and cruelty in police attacks on non-violent protestors, to our horror and heartbreak.

What’s the religious good news out of all this turmoil, tumult and strife?

Special Music x 3 —  Sonatina Op. 100 movements 1, 3, and 3, by Antonín Dvořák.  Violin: Mary Blanchette.  Piano: Rachel Kang.  They have been rehearsing this work on the last few Sundays for the prelude, special music and postlude.  Please plan to keep conversation to a minimum so others can enjoy the prelude.  (The rooster’s crow will announce when it’s time for the prelude.)

My apologies to those who anticipated the sermon “Thanksgiving for Atheists.”  (Recent events call for a sermonic response!) As an alternative, may I suggest the January Adult RE course on Atheist Spirituality?  Sign up at Connection Central.

I heard on the radio that Loaves and Fishes was hosting an open-invitation turkey dinner Tuesday for about 1,000.  I also heard their executive director report that overall services are up 10% over last year.

So it makes a difference that we share half of our Sunday morning offering with Loaves and Fishes, which  “feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. … an oasis of welcome, safety, and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking survival services.” Thank you!


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